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The Dependent Resurvey **Home Study**

The Dependent Resurvey **Home Study**

Author: Henry D Antes

The Dependent Resurvey course will focus into the  background of Original Cadastral Surveys in the United States, the “physical order” for surveying of the public lands, the Dependent Resurvey of original surveys, since, and the “analog system” of platting and recording information used in the transfer of land ownership once held exclusively by the Government of the United States to the public.
This course will present the standards of survey practice as defined by United States Land Act, Federal law, and administered, by administrative rule, through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), it will support the professional with BLM administrative legal interpretations affecting the Dependent Resurvey and surveying practice at the State level, in combination with other types of services that may be required of the surveyor by the public.
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