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Home Study, Online Courses & E-Books

Most of our courses are available in three (3) different formats--Home Study, Online or E-Book. The same course, just a different way of presentation. Click on your state of licensure then click on the course.  The format(s) the course is available will be listed.  

What's the difference, let's take a look.

Home Study - book format and will be mailed via USPS priority 2 day delivery.

Pros                                                  Cons
Read any where, any place               2 to 3 day delivery
Book to keep                                     Shipping fees
Open book testing                             Send test for grading, wait for results

Online - Read the course material, take the test, receive your results and print your certificate. 
After purchasing, you will be sent an email from Professional Development Seminars with a link to our online site, username and password. Keep this information and you will be able to access our system at any time to reprint your certificate, re-read the material or check which courses you have taken in the past along with your grade.  

Pros                                                   Cons
Completely automated                       Material is read on computer
Access to our system, any time         Test is taken after reading material
No waiting for results
When you order another course, we simply place it in your existing account                                                        

E-Book - (Electronic version) Download to your computer immediately after payment processing. (Currently the quality of the E-Book is a scanned version of the Home Study and not up to our standards.  We are in the process of updating)

Pros                                                    Cons
Immediate access to course               
Material is read on computer
Printable version                                 Must print test before taking
Open book testing                            
  Send test for grading, wait for results




Choose your state from the state course categories.  A list of courses approved for your state will be listed.  Choose the course(s), choose the format and add to cart. Follow the checkout procedures. 



Call 800- 7SIGNUP (800-774-4687) and give the requested information. 

* * * * * * * *

Answer the test questions within your Home Study or E-Book and email, fax or mail back to us. 

If you receive a 70% passing grade, we will mail your certificate and notify the State Board as required.  If you do not receive a 70% passing grade on your exam, we will give you the opportunity to re-take the exam at no additional cost.

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