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FL Laws of Surveying **Home Study**

FL Laws of Surveying **Home Study**

Approved for 6 CEU's, Laws & Rules

This course covers Chapters 161, 177 and 718 ss. as the Statue, A written law passed by a legislature on the state level.  It also covers 61B-18, 62B-33 and 62B-34 F.A.C which is the Department of State's Administrative Code and Register Section that files the rules that is promulgated by state regulatory agencies.  Agency rulemaking is governed by Chapter 120 Florida Statutes, the Administrative Procedures Act.  

The objective is to become aware that as professional surveyors and mappers we need to know the laws under which we are licensed and to know the laws which govern how we practice our profession. And to have the understanding of Chapters 161, 177 and 718 and Chapters 61B-18, 61B-33 and 62B-34 F.A.C.
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