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Digital Dependent Resurvey **Home Study**

Digital Dependent Resurvey **Home Study**

Author: Henry D Antes, PLS
Approved for 6 CEU's, general

This seminar will present “digital dependent resurveys” as the focus, here we will discuss: natural science and order in science; computers and abstract understanding, truth and certainty, formal and complex adaptive systems and the power of human understanding; information order and digital information application theory; quantum theory, the surveyor as an observer, measurement theory, knowledge of the observer; digital imagery and geospatial pattern recognition.

Together with the referenced research material, and introspection, of the Appendix, the surveyor will obtain a heightened, but basic, understanding of digital information systems (IS) application and theory, for use in modern surveying.

The knowledge the surveyor will gain form this seminar will support him / her in response to queries found within a “digital dependent resurvey,” the surveyor will have advanced both his / her current, and future, professional development by the completion of this seminar. 
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