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A Brief History of Cartography - Part 1 **Home Study**

A Brief History of Cartography - Part 1 **Home Study**

 Authur: Bernabe A Hernandez, Ph.D, PE., PLS
Course credit - 8 PDH's

Part 1 of the history of Cartography is from the prehistoric to the end of the classical period (“V” century C.E.) in the Mediterranean basin geographical areas. Before we were land surveyors we were mappers, makers of maps, and that is one of the objectives of this seminar: to seek and become aware that ours is a broad discipline; that we are not limited to “cadastral surveys” or “topographical surveys”. This brief history of cartography is not a history of maps as visual artifacts of art or technology, even thought we will be making use of maps to illustrate our story. Rather, it is the story of the evolution of our profession in the art and science of map making, of expanding our horizons to the idea of mapping as a cognitive/interpretive science involving communication between the map creator and the map user, of how we as surveyors and mappers have developed mapping as a process of spatial communication.  Let us take the “broad” approach to our profession and incorporate, however we understand the term, cartography into our practice.

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