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Digital Dependent Resurveys **Home Study**

Digital Dependent Resurveys **Home Study**

Author: Henry D Antes

This course will present “digital dependent resurveys” as the focus. We will discuss: natural science and order in science; computers and abstract understanding, truth and certainty, formal and complex adaptive systems and the power of human understanding; information order and digital information application theory; quantum theory, the surveyor as an observer, measurement theory, knowledge of the observer; digital imagery and geospatial pattern recognition. 
It’s the 21st century, and the “digital information age” is upon us, the subject of this course, and to the topics of computer science, information, modern physics, and digital images in survey and mapping applications.  “The third wave of the internet,” is moving forward and does not afford any modern day professional practice time for pause.
The theories covered in this course support the creation of a “constructive digital depository,” and rulemaking in support of “digital dependent resurveys,” for professional surveyors and mappers. 

The knowledge the surveyor will gain form this course will support him / her in response to queries found within a “digital dependent resurvey,” the surveyor will have advanced both his / her current, and future, professional development by the completion of this course. 
Together with the referenced research material, and introspection, of the Appendix, the surveyor will obtain a heightened, but basic, understanding of digital information systems (IS) application and theory, for use in modern surveying.  
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