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FL Laws of the Profession

FL Laws of the Profession

The law and rules included in this course are:
1. Chapter 472 F.S., Land Surveying
2. Rules of the Board of Professional Surveyors and Mappers
a. Chapter 61G17-1 F.A.C., Organization and Purpose
b. Chapter 61G17-2 F.A.C., Grounds for Discipline
c. Chapter 61G17-3 F.A.C., Experience and Education Required for Examination
d. Chapter 61G17-4 F.A.C., Examination
e. Chapter 61G17-5 F.A.C., Continuing Education
f. Chapter 61G17-7 F.A.C., Seals, Signatures and Certificates of Authorization
g. Chapter 61G17-8 F.A.C., Fees
h. Chapter 61G17-9 F.A.C., Penalties
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