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Structural Deformation Surveying - Part 1 **Online Course**

Structural Deformation Surveying - Part 1 **Online Course**

Authur: Bernabe A Hernandez, Ph.D, PE, PLS

This seminar provides technical guidance for performing precise structural deformation surveys of hydraulic flood control or navigation structures. Accuracy, procedural, and quality control standards are defined for monitoring displacements in hydraulic structures.

Hydraulic and navigation structures require periodic surveys to monitor long-term movements and settlements, or to monitor short-term deflections and deformations. These structures are subject to external loads that cause deformation and permeation of the structure itself, as well as its foundations. Any indication of abnormal behavior may threaten the safety of the structure. Careful monitoring of the loads on a structure and its response to them can aid in determining abnormal behavior of that structure. In general, monitoring consists of both measurements and visual inspections.
This seminar, PART ONE, covers conventional (terrestrial)  deformation survey methods used for measuring external movements.
The information will provide guidance for planning and implementing structural deformation surveys on civil works projects.

Describing the different techniques and equipment that are used in measuring external structural deformations. Knowledge of various sources of measurement error that need to be considered in deformation monitoring and field procedures for measuring angles with precision theodolites and measuring distances using electronic distance measurement (EDM) systems.  Standards and specifications for performing precise differential leveling surveys, required to monitor settlements in concrete and embankment structures.

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