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Introduction to Digital Signatures - Part 1 **Home Study**

Introduction to Digital Signatures - Part 1 **Home Study**

Author: Daryl Banks, PLS

By the completion of this course, the surveyor will be able to electronically sign any CAD file with their own Digital ID, and establish a drawing delivery policy at their company. Furthermore, they will learn how to purchase, install, and sign electronic documents such as: Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe PDF, and most importantly CAD drawing files. The goal being to understand and meet government recommended guidelines for distributing electronic documents provided by intuitions like National Institutes of Standards and Testing (NIST) and the National Security Agency (NSA) along with the Florida Minimal Technical Standards (5J-17) as it applies to Digital Signatures.
Digital Signatures provide the following benefits:
  1. Recipients of digitally signed drawings can be sure that the organizations or individuals who sent the drawings are trustworthy.
  2. A Digital Signature guarantees that a drawing’s content and properties have not changed since the drawing was digitally signed.
  3. With a third party Digital ID, a signed file cannot be rejected as invalid. The signer of a file cannot reject the file later by claiming the signature was copied.
This course covers the following criteria applying to CAD drawings and Digital Signatures:
  1. Fundamentals and Background
  2. Algorithm Security
  3. Security Methods
  4. Certificates
  5. Digital Identification
  6. Digitally Sign and Seal
  7. Storage and Distribution
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