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Introduction to Digital Signatures - Part 2 **NEW**

Introduction to Digital Signatures - Part 2 **NEW**

By the completion of this course, the reader will be able to electronically sign any Adobe PDF file with their own Digital ID, and establish a drawing delivery policy with PDFs at their company to prevent reverse engineering of their document from PDF to CAD vector format. As part one of this series concentrated on CAD drawings, the second part focuses on the PDF delivery system, since most drawings are distributed by PDF to clients at various points in the project lifecycle. The goal being to understand and meet government recommended guidelines for distributing electronic documents provided by intuitions like National Institutes of Standards and Testing (NIST) and the National Security Agency (NSA) along with the Florida Minimal Technical Standards (5J-17) as it applies to Digital Signatures.
Course Objective
  • Learn fundamentals of encryption and hashing
  • Learn how to password protect PDF documents
  • Learn how to encrypt a PDF document with Digital ID
  • Learn how to sign and verify PDF file with Digital ID
  • Learn other methods to secure PDF documents
  • Learn how to buy ,install and use certificates
  • Learn how to buy, install and use a Digital ID
  • Learn how to create a self-signed certificate
  • Learn how to sign and encrypt PDF files with self-signed certificate
  • Learn how to sign and encrypt PDF files with 3rd party certificate
  • Learn how to distribute the certificate
  • Learn how Digital Signatures applies to PDF documents and the MTS
  • Learn how the PDF is designed and created.
  • Discover software to reverse engineer a PDF
  • Learn how to obfuscate the PDF file to resist reverse engineering
  • Convert a PDF to CAD format as verification
  • Learn how to establish a roaming PDF verification system (internal and external)
This course covers the following criteria applying to PDFs and Digital Signatures:
  1. Methods For Security
  2. Creating And Using Self Signed Certificates
  3. Creating A Customized Digital Signature For PDF
  4. Using Self-Signed Certificates For Digital Signatures
  5. Using Self-Signed Certificates For Message Encryption
  6. Encrypting And Signing With A Third Party Digital ID
  7. Understanding How PDF Converts To CAD Formats
  8. How To Prevent PDF Files From Being Reverse Engineered
  9. How To Create A Roaming Policy For Tracking Client Usage
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