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Legal Descriptions **Home Study**

Legal Descriptions **Home Study**

Author: Bryan Cooper, PSM
7.5 CPCs recommended - WY Board has final authority on approval of course, credit and CPC value

This course can prove to be invaluable to the surveyor who is involved in other than boundary surveying and has written only a few descriptions. For the seasoned boundary surveyor, it can be an excellent review.

We have all studied the standard classroom texts on the subject. In this course, you have the additional opportunity to learn the views of an instructor who is a practicing surveyor that is very knowledgeable in description writing.

The author’s text is loaded with helpful hints on good writing form and pitfalls to avoid. Descriptions of all types are included such as subdivision lots, public lands, bounds metes and bounds and strips, all complete with illustrating sketches.

You have the opportunity to review additional sketches of each type of description and to write your own description. You can then compare your description to that of the author’s.

Although the course materials cover a very complex subject, they have been written in a light and easily understood manner.
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