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Lee Brock

Lee Brock, a second-generation surveyor, began his surveying career as a rodman for Stafford & Brock during his teenage years. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. After four years with Stafford & Brock, two of which were as a Registered Land Surveyor, he became registered as a Professional Engineer.

After more that thirty years as a Surveyor and Engineer, primarily concerned with land and resort development, he has now concentrated on the permitting aspect of land use. In response to the Environmental Protection and Property Rights Act of 1995, he has been involved in alternative dispute resolution methods, offering himself as a Special Master under Chapter 70.51, F.S. Additionally, mediation has become a special interest to the point of it being a life pursuit.

Brock has served on, and has chaired the Construction Industry Licensing Board, the Distric Health and Human Services Board, the Statewide Health and Human Services Board and the Martin County Soil and Water Conservation District. He has been a Guardian Ad Litem and also volunteered for ten years and served a member of the Hospice of Martin and St. Lucie Board of Directors for four years.

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